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Health & Safety Management

Ensure health & safety compliance, reduce risks and achieve operational excellence

Health and Safety Management software allows companies to manage, track and report on health and safety data to meet regional compliance requirements and regulations.

The software assists an organization in preventing occupational injuries and illnesses and improving the health and safety of its workforce. 


  • FLEXIBLE WORKFLOW - built on a flexible configurable workflow platform to track, manage, and report on business processes to support occupational health and safety regulations.
  • INTEGRATES - integrates with IT systems at your organization to create a harmonious system both internally and externally with suppliers.
  • STANDARDS - complies with regional Health and Safety regulations including OSHA and supports generating OSHA 300, 301 and 300A reports.
  • DOCUMENT CONTROL - provides access to company's occupational health and safety documentation from a centralized web-based document control system.
  • AUDITS - manages internal and external audits to ensure compliance with regulations, standards and policies, and to monitor risks and nonconformances to reduce workplace hazards and risks.
  • E-SIGNATURES - provides a comprehensive audit trail with compliant e-signatures that is easy to access and audit with the click of a button.
  • CORRECTIVE & PREVENTIVE - supports regulatory requirements to identify critical areas of concern and implement corrective and preventive actions to support health and safety promotion efforts of the organization.
  • EMERGENCY SUPPORT - Supports documenting emergency situations and defining plans to handle these situations in addition to defining and scheduling plan exercises to ensure corporate preparedness.
  • REPORTS - offers reporting capabilities and dashboards to identify and track occupational incidents including injuries and illnesses.
  • MOBILE - Provides ability to capture occupational incidents immediately using mobile devices.

Health & Safety Management is both of a cloud-based software and on-premise software with a month-to-month subscription-based service that is available under the following plans:



11,500 THB per month
  • Includes access for up to 5 Users 
  • Includes all Current & Future Applications

Small Business

23,000 THB per month
  • Includes access for up to 15 Users 
  • Includes all Current & Future Applications

Growing Business

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  • Includes access for up to 30 Users 
  • Includes all Current & Future Applications


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  • Includes access for up to 60 Users 
  • Includes all Current & Future Applications

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