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Purchase Management

Maintaining the list of items, services and their price history helps in preparing new quotations quickly.

This is one of the biggest responsibility in any company, irrespective of size, industry and class of material acquiring for internal / external usage.

The software allow to take care about relationship with key suppliers and personal responsibility is that to pay suppliers timely / as per PO terms and sees that the suppliers are not to be faced problem for delaying in payments due to internal delay in preparing receipt notes, approvals


  • SCALE AND INTEGRATE RESOURCES - usually required to consider physical, human and financial resources at high efficiency and low cost, yet considering the possibility of continuous further improvement.
  • MAKE PROPER USER - of math and statistics to model production systems during decision making process.
  • PREDICT & ANALYZE - the demand. Select among scientific and technological appropriate knowledge in order to design, redesign or improve product/service functionality.
  • AUTOMATES - quality processes and collects global information in a single, centralized location while eliminating errors and inefficiencies of paper-based systems.
  • EASY MONITORS - provides a complete purchase management system that monitors purchase from receiving, production.
  • FLEXIBLE WORKFLOW - built on a flexible configurable workflow platform to track, manage, and report on business processes to support quality regulations.
  • E-SIGNATURES - provides a comprehensive audit trail with compliant e-signatures that is easy to access and audit with the click of a button.
  • INTEGRATES - with IT systems at your organization to create a harmonious system both internally and externally with suppliers.
  • REPORTS - offers reporting capabilities and dashboards to identify and track quality issues.
  • MOBILE - provides ability to capture work using mobile devices.

Purchase Management is both of a cloud-based software and on-premise software with a month-to-month subscription-based service that is available under the following plans:



11,500 THB per month
  • Includes access for up to 5 Users 
  • Includes all Current & Future Applications

Small Business

23,000 THB per month
  • Includes access for up to 15 Users 
  • Includes all Current & Future Applications

Growing Business

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  • Includes access for up to 30 Users 
  • Includes all Current & Future Applications


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  • Includes access for up to 60 Users 
  • Includes all Current & Future Applications

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